Pushkar lake
It is semi circular lake around which there are 52 "Ghats". The maximum depth of lake is 10 mts .
The lake is a holy place and is known as the king of the "Trithas". The bath of Pushkar is thought to be more important than of any other place. The holy dip in this lake on kartika purnima is thought to be salvation giving . The man who Baths in the Shukla paksha of kartika month and has the darshan of varaha will not take rebirth on this earth and enjoy the bliss of heaven .The people who have a holy dip at the lake on karitha purnima , gain the fruit equal to do the jap and tap for 100 years . There are many yajna spots which cannot be counted even by vrishpati , the teacher of the gods .





Pushkar Fair
Every year Pushkar comes alive in the joyous festivities , cultural extravaganza and the cattle marketing of the famous Pushkar fair . This fair is one of the major cultural reflectors of the state of rajasthan and people from different parts of india gather on the fair ground to participate in the various entertaining events there . Pushkar pulsates with vibrant energy and activity during the fair held on the kartik purnima which falls on the month of october or november and usually continues for about 5 days . The pushkar lake is considered to be one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in India , The only one in the country associated with L:ord Brahma . The place simple teems with the devotees and the hoky men or sagas in various garbs who come to the temple (Jagat Pita Shri Brahma Mandir ) to pray and take a holy dip in the sacred waters of the pushkar lake . apart from the religious rituals and festivities , people participate in a number of cultural and sporting events .
The Variety of folk dances and songs land vivid splashes of colour and music to the atmosphere that is already charged with excitement of the camel races and the cattle fair . the barganing process , which involves a great deal of haggling between the camel traders and the buyers , add to the spirit of the fair. This fair attracts people not only from India but a large number of tourists from other countries as well . The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has taken adequate measures to Facilitate convinient access of the fair site and to accomodate fairgoers .
The RTDC maintains the pushkar tourist village and the Sarovar Hotel in Pushkar . In the year 2003 the pushkar mela will be held from 2 nd to 9 th November .

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